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Category: Christian Jokes

  The Cannibal King  


      A cannibal king in a remote jungle territory had a particular taste for missionaries. Somehow their meat always tasted sweeter. And the king was an expert on food, for there was nothing he enjoyed more than sitting down to a sumptuous banquet.
      On one particular evening he was tucking in heartily to the huge platter of thinly sliced missionary before him. It was easy to see why he weighed in at over twenty-five stone. Whilst his people were happy to see the king enjoying himself - he had a ferocious temper when things did not meet with his approval - they were fervently hoping that there would be a few scraps left over for them. For whereas the king was decidedly rotund, his subjects were thin from near starvation. So with each slice of meat that he devoured, their hearts sank a little further. It was beginning to look as if there would be nothing left.
      The natives began to mutter among themselves. "It doesn't look good," said the cannibal who had felled the missionary with a poison dart. "He is going to eat the lot! It's always the same when we bring him back one of these religious types."
      "He certainly has a liking for these men of God," agreed a fellow subject. "There's obviously something about their delicate skin."
      "Well, it's simply not good enough," said the first native, becoming increasingly irate. "It's about time we followed the example of the Watumbabibi tribe down river and refused to hunt until the king shows us more consideration and allows us a fair helping of his missionary meals."
      "You mean," queried his fellow cannibal, "That we should ask him to implement some kind of Prophet-sharing scheme?"

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