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Home Jokes

Free Christian jokes, clean jokes, funny jokes, and clean home jokes and humor about the home, kids, the house, parents, and more.

The Boss of the House - A little girl said: "Daddy, you're the boss of the house, right?" "Yes, sweetheart,"he said, "I'm th .....read more
Licking the Carpet - A vacuum cleaner salesman wormed his way into the home of a woman in a remote Welsh valley. "This ma .....read more
Three Hundred Cockroaches - A woman rang up a pet shop and asked for three hundred cockroaches. The shop owner said: "If you do .....read more
Throwing Stones - A woman was having trouble with her neighbour's child throwing stones into her garden. So she ordere .....read more
Borrowing Things - Tom was continually plagued by his next-door neighbour asking to borrow things. One morning he saw t .....read more
The Real Estate Agent - For once in his life, the real estate agent decided to be honest with a prospective house-buyer. "T .....read more
The Bureau - Two women were discussing their most unusual items of furniture. One said: "I learned from an antiq .....read more
Use Your Left Elbow - Old college buddies Nat and Joey had not seen each other in years. When they finally got in touch, .....read more
Our Best Towels - When a husband arrived home, his wife told him that the maid whom they had recently dismissed had st .....read more
Ransacked House - A woman arrived home to find her house had been ransacked, but she didn't report it until the follow .....read more

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