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Limericks Jokes

Free Christian jokes, clean jokes, funny jokes, and clean funny poems, and funny limericks, and more.

Sing A Psalm - There once was a lady from Guam, Who said, "Now the sea is so calm I will swim, for a lark"; But she .....read more
Slipped On Bananas - There was a young lady named Hannah, Who slipped on a peel of banana. More stars she espied As she l .....read more
The Flea And The Fly - A flea and a fly in a flue, Were imprisoned; now what could they do? Said the fly, "let us flee." "L .....read more
Bigamy - There once was an old man of Lyme. Who married three wives at a time: When asked, "Why a third?" He .....read more
Cats and Cats - There was a young lady whose dream Was to feed a black cat on whipt cream, But the cat with a bound .....read more
About Kissing - There was an old maiden from Fife, Who had never been kissed in her life; Along came a cat; And she .....read more
The Man With A Beard - There was an old man with a beard, Who said, "It is just as I feared!-- Two owls and a hen, Four lar .....read more
The People In Front - In good looks I am not a star. There are others more lovely by far. But my face, I don't mind it, Be .....read more
Getting Sick - There was a young lady named Perkins, Who had a great fondness for gherkins; She went to a tea And a .....read more
On Death - There was an old man in a hearse, Who murmured, "This might have been worse; Of course the expense I .....read more

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