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Food Jokes

Free Christian jokes, clean jokes, funny jokes, and clean food jokes and humor about food, cooking, cooks, and more.

The Egg King - The young man applied to the manager of the entertainment museum for employment as a freak, and the .....read more
Nothing At All - Daniel Webster was the guest at dinner of a solicitous hostess who insisted rather annoyingly that h .....read more
Bring Me A Bulldog - The Southern Colonel at Saratoga Springs, in the days before prohibition, directed the waiter at his .....read more
Brain Food - The young lady, who was something of a food fadist, was on a visit to a coast fishing village. She q .....read more
Apple Pie With Cheese - The good wife apologized to her unexpected guests for serving the apple pie without cheese. The litt .....read more
The Missing Claw - The great pugilist was superstitious and fond of lobster. When the waiter served one with a claw mis .....read more
Be Polite - On Johnnie's return from the birthday party, his mother expressed the hope that he had behaved polit .....read more
Good Advertising - Not long ago a patron of a cafe in Chicago summoned his waiter and delivered himself as follows: "I .....read more
Grass For Lunch - A tramp devised a new scheme for working on the sympathy of the housewife. After ringing the front d .....read more
Tasted Twice - A noted humorist once spent a few weeks with a tribe of western Indians. On his return, he was asked .....read more
Sardines - Little Elizabeth and her mother were having luncheon together, and the mother, who always tried to i .....read more
Dead Mouse in The Chile - A guy sits down in a Cafe' and asks for the hot chile. The waitress says, "The guy next to you got t .....read more
Short Food Jokes - "How did you find your steak?" asked the waiter of a patron in the very expensive restaurant. "Just .....read more
Eating Grass - A millionaire was driving along in his stretch limo when he saw a humble man eating grass by the roa .....read more
Less Calories - A husband took his young daughter to the grocery store where, in addition to the carefully prepared .....read more
A Friendly Voice - After a harrowing day, a housewife answered the phone and was relieved to hear a friendly voice on t .....read more
Lobster Tales - In the window of a seafood restaurant, a man spotted a sign saying "Lobster Tails $2 each." Sensing .....read more
Good Sandwiches - "How were your sandwiches today, darling?" asked the wife as her husband returned home from work. "T .....read more
Around the Block - Grossly overweight, a man was bullied by his work colleagues into going on a diet. For three weeks, .....read more
More Short Food Jokes - A family of tomatoes were walking down the street but after a while the little boy tomato started to .....read more
Still More Short Food Jokes - When a clock is hungry, does it go back four seconds? A husband was standing on the bathroom scales .....read more

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