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Lawyer Jokes

Free Christian jokes, clean jokes, funny jokes, and clean lawyer jokes and humor about lawyers, criminals, judges, the law, cops, and more.

Send Them a Bill - A doctor and a lawyer were talking at a party, but their conversation was constantly interrupted by .....read more
Hitting Lawyers - A truck driver hated lawyers with such a vengeance that whenever he saw any walking by the side of t .....read more
Jury Duty - A man chosen for jury duty tried in vain to get out of serving. He pleaded sickness, prior commitme .....read more
New Evidence - Lawyer: Your honour, I wish to appeal my client's case on the basis of newly discovered evidence. Ju .....read more
Three Wishes - A man was walking along the street when he noticed a bottle lying in the gutter. He picked up the bo .....read more
Valentine Cards - A lady customer in a Post Office was puzzled to see a man spraying scent on a huge pile of Valentine .....read more
Maisie - A farmer's truck had been involved in a road accident with a police patrol car, as a result of which .....read more
Grams Per Ounce - A man was in court on a charge of selling drugs. To determine the exact quantity of illegal substan .....read more
Off To Mars - NASA was interviewing professionals to be sent to Mars. Only one could go, and it would be a one-way .....read more
Reasonable Rates - A lawyer's wife died. At her funeral, the mourners were appalled to see that the headstone read: "He .....read more
Good and Bad News - A defence lawyer told his client: "I've got good news and bad news. The bad news is your blood test .....read more
Box of Cigars - A young lawyer defending a wealthy businessman in a complex lawsuit feared that the evidence was aga .....read more
In Trouble - Having drunk too much, a lawyer was involved in a car crash on his way home from a bar when he rear- .....read more
The Verdict - A judge was hearing a drink-driving case but the defendant, who had a history of driving under the i .....read more
Kennedy is Dead - A man phoned a law firm and asked to speak to Mr. Kennedy, his ex-wife's lawyer. "I'm sorry," said t .....read more
Short Lawyer Jokes - Did you hear about the new sushi bar that caters exclusively for lawyers? - It's called Sosumi. Law .....read more

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