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Computer Jokes

Free Christian jokes, clean jokes, funny jokes, and clean computer jokes and humor about computers, email, technology, Bill Gates, and more.

Printer Repair - When his computer printer began to print out faintly, a man called the repair shop. The clerk said: .....read more
Bill Gates New House - Bill Gates bought a new house... Bill: There are a few issues we need to discuss. Contractor: You ha .....read more
Computer Instruction - When a woman decided to improve her computer skills, she threw herself into the task with enthusiasm .....read more
A Terrible Day - A businessman arrived home exhausted one evening and slumped on the sofa. "You poor darling," said h .....read more
The C Monkey - A tourist was browsing around a pet shop when a customer came in and said: "Have you got a C monkey? .....read more
No Email Address - An unemployed man was desperate to support his family. His wife did nothing but watch TV all day whi .....read more
I Get Nervous - A woman attending evening computer classes was relieved to find that she had a female teacher instea .....read more
Broken Down Car - A mechanical engineer, a chemical engineer, an electrical engineer and a computer engineer were trav .....read more
Computer Jargon - Experiencing teething troubles with their new computer, a couple called the Help Desk. The guy ther .....read more
Still Waiting - A guy in an office revealed to his co-workers that, in a moment of tender romance he had asked his g .....read more

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