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Category: Driving Jokes

  The Best Car in Heaven  


      Three men - Don, Pete and Eric - were killed in a car crash and made their way up to heaven. St. Peter was waiting for them and described the facilities that heaven had to offer. He announced: "For the purposes of travelling around heaven, each of you will be given a means of transportation appropriate to your past deeds."
      First, St. Peter turned to Don and said: "Don, you cheated on your wife on five different occasions. You will drive around heaven in a battered old Dodge."
      Next, St. Peter turned to Pete and said: "Peter you cheated on your wife twice. You will be given a Toyota station-wagon."
      Finally, St. Peter turned to Eric and said: "Eric, you have led a blameless life. You never cheated on your wife and you always treated her with kindness and consideration. As a reward for your loyalty, I grant you a top-of-the-range Ferrari."
      Eric was thrilled and drove around heaven in a shiny red Ferrari. Don and Pete were envious until, two months later, they spotted Eric crying at the wheel of his car.
      "What's the problem?" they asked. "You've got everything you could possibly want - the best car in heaven."
      "I know," sobbed Eric, "but I just saw my wife go by on a skateboard."

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