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Category: Family Jokes

  His Half Sisters  


      An 18-year-old boy came home excitedly one night and announced: "Kelly and me are getting married."
      His father's face fell. He took the boy to one side and said: "I'm sorry son, you can't marry Kelly. When I was first married to your mother, I'm afraid I fooled around a lot. You see, Kelly is your half-sister."
      The boy was devastated and it took him six months to start dating again. But a year on, he came home with more good news. "Ellie and me are getting married."
      His father's face dropped. Once again he took the boy to one side and explained: "I'm sorry, son, you can't marry Ellie. She's your half-sister too."
      The boy ran up to his room in floods of tears. Later his mother came up to comfort him.
      "Dad's done a lot of bad things," sobbed the boy. "He keeps saying I can't marry the girl I love."
      "Pay no attention to him," she said. "He's not your real father."

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