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Category: Law and Order Jokes

  Jokes By Number  


      In prison for the first time, George was puzzled by a strange ritual that was carried out at night immediately after the lights were turned off. Someone from another cell called out "Thirty-seven" and the whole block burst out laughing.
      A few moments later another distant voice called out "Sixty-one" and again everyone laughed.
      "What do the numbers mean?" George asked his cellmate.
      "Down in the prison library there's a big joke book. We've memorized all the jokes. So now when anybody wants to tell a joke, they just have to shout out the page number from the book."
      George was intrigued and the next day he studied the joke book in the prison library, writing down the numbers of a few good jokes so that he could join in the fun that evening.
      That night, George decided to take the initiative. Once the lights had gone off, he called out "Fifty-five." But instead of laughter there was silence. So he tried again. "Eighty-seven." Again there was an eerie silence.
      He asked his cellmate: "Why is it that when I call out the numbers, nobody laughs?"
      His cellmate said: "It's the way you tell them."

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