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Category: Lawyer Jokes

  Three Wishes  


      A man was walking along the street when he noticed a bottle lying in the gutter. He picked up the bottle and decided to rub it for good luck. To his amazement, a genie appeared.
      "I will grant you three wishes," said the genie, "but I must warn you, there is a catch. For each wish I grant, every lawyer in the world will receive double what you ask for. Do you understand?"
      "I think so," said the man.
      "Right," said the genie. "What is your first wish?"
      "My first wish," replied the man, "is for a Rolls-Royce. I've always wanted a Rolls-Royce."
      "Then you shall have a Rolls-Royce," answered the genie, "and all the lawyers in the world will be given two Rolls-Royces. Now what is your second wish?"
      "I could use a million dollars," said the man.
      "Very well," said the genie. "You shall have a million dollars. But you do realise that means that every lawyer in the world will become two million dollars richer? Now what is your third wish?"
      The man thought for a moment. "Well, I've always wanted to donate a kidney."

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