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Category: Military Jokes

  Short Military Jokes  


      A soldier cradled the dying General Custer in his arms at the Little Big Horn.
      Custer gasped: "I'll never understand Indians. A few minutes ago they were singing and dancing..."

      The recruit complained to the sergeant that he'd got a splinter in his finger.
      "Ye should have more sinse," was the harsh comment, "than to scratch your head."

      How can there be such things as peace-keeping missiles?

      A knight walked into a blacksmith's shop. The blacksmith said: "You've got mail."

      When a knight in armour was killed in battle, what sign did they put on his grave? - Rust in peace.

      What soldiers smell of salt and pepper? - Seasoned troopers.

      A drill sergeant at training camp told his recruits: "Today, I have good news and bad news. First the good news: Private Morgan will be setting the pace on the morning sun."
      The men were overjoyed because Morgan was fat and slow. Then the drill sergeant added: "Now the bad news: Private Morgan will be riding a motorcycle."

      Trying out a new army computer, an officer typed in a question: "How far is it from the mess room to the sentry box?"
      The computer replied: "Six hundred."
      The officer typed: "Six hundred what?"
      The computer replied: "Six hundred, sir!"

      An American tourist went to Portsmouth to see Nelson's flagship HMS Victory. On the tour of the ship, the guide pointed out a raised brass plaque on the deck.
      "That's where Nelson fell," said the guide.
      The tourist was unimpressed. "I nearly tripped on the thing myself."

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