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Category: Teacher Jokes

  Bump On The Head  


      Johnny hasn't been to school long, but he already holds some peculiar views regarding the administration of his particular room.
      The other day he came home with a singularly morose look on his usually smiling face.
      "Why, Johnny," said his mother, "what's the matter?"
      "I ain't going to that old school no more," he fiercely announced.
      "Why, Johnny," said his mother reproachfully, "you mustn't talk like that. What's wrong with the school?"
      "I ain't goin' there no more," Johnny replied; "an" it's because all th' boys in my room is blamed old cowards!"
      "Why, Johnny, Johnny!"
      "Yes, they are. There was a boy whisperin' this mornin', an' teacher saw him an' bumped his head on th' desk ever an' ever so many times. An' those big cowards sat there an' didn't say quit nor nothin'. They let that old teacher bang th' head off th' poor little boy, an' they just sat there an' seen her do it!"
      "And what did you do, Johnny?"
      "I didn't do nothin'--I was the boy!"

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