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Category: Animal Jokes

  The Beautiful Horse  


      A man was driving down a country lane when he spotted the most beautiful horse he'd ever seen, standing in the middle of a field. He slammed on his bakes and stopped to have a quick look. "I must buy that horse," he said to himself and immediately went in search of the owner. Arriving at a nearby farmhouse, he knocked on the door.
      "Are you the owner of that magnificent animal in the field back there?" he asked.
      "Yes," replied the farmer.
      "Then I simply must buy him from you."
      "I can't sell him," said the farmer. "He doesn't look so good."
      "What do you mean? He's the most beautiful horse I've seen in my life."
      "Well, OK," conceded the farmer, "If you insist. Does a thousand dollars sound reasonable to you?"
      "Absolutely," said the man, and he took the horse home on a trailer.
      A few days later, the farmer heard another knock on his door. It was the man with the horse. "You ripped me off!" yelled the man. "That horse is as blind as a bat!"
      "I tried to warn you," answered the farmer. "I told you he doesn't look so good."

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