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Category: Children Jokes

  The Fat Lady  


      A mother took her five-year-old son with her to the bank on a busy Friday. They got into line behind an overweight woman wearing a business suit, complete with pager. As the mother waited patiently, the boy looked at the woman in front and observed loudly: "She's fat."
      The big woman turned around immediately and glared at the child, causing the embarrassed mother to reprimand him quietly.
      However, a minute later, the unrepentant boy spread his hands as far as they would go and said loudly: "I bet her butt is that wide!" Again, the woman turned and gave him a withering look, forcing the mother to give him a stricter telling off.
      But a couple of minutes later the boy stated loudly: "Look how the fat hangs over her belt!" The woman turned and told the mother in no uncertain terms that she ought to teach her son some manners. The mother responded by issuing threats if he did not behave himself. The boy promised to keep quiet.
      Three minutes later, the large woman got to the front of the queue but just as she did so, her pager began to emit its distinctive tone. The boy could not help himself. "Run for your life, mom!" he yelled in panic. "She's backing up!"

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