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Category: Driving Jokes

  An Almighty Bang  


      Although he had hardly ever driven in his life, a man always dreamed of owning a sports car, so when he inherited a large sum of money from a dead relative, he headed straight for the car showroom and bought himself a Porsche. Within half an hour he was on a quiet country road putting his new car through its paces. Faster and faster he went until suddenly, at top speed, there was an almighty bang and smoke began pouring from the engine.
      Towed back home, he immediately called the car salesman and told him what had happened. The salesman was at a loss for an explanation but, because the customer was so wealthy, he agreed to swap the Porsche for a Lotus. The next day, the man took out on its first run, but as he hit 100 mph, the same thing happened. The car juddered to a sudden halt and the engine exploded.
      Highly dissatisfied, the man phoned the car salesman once again and told him what had happened. Eventually the salesman agreed to exchange the Lotus for a Ferrari, but only on condition that he joined the customer on a test drive to see what the problem was.
      Together they set off into the country. Soon the customer was picking up speed and going through the gears from fourth to fifth and up to sixth. As he accelerated still more, the car suddenly shook violently and the engine went bang.
      "What did you do?" asked the salesman, shaken.
      "Well," said the driver, "I was going faster and faster, and I ran out of numbered gears. So I put it into R for 'Race'."

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