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Category: Lawyer Jokes



      A farmer's truck had been involved in a road accident with a police patrol car, as a result of which the farmer had decided to sue the police for injuries he sustained. In court, he came up against a smart police lawyer.
      "Is it not the case," began the lawyer, "that immediately after the accident you told patrol officer Kelly that you felt fine? And yet here you are suing the police for injuries sustained."
      "Well, you see," said the farmer, "I had loaded my favourite mule, Maisie..."
      The lawyer interrupted him. "With all due respect, the court is not interested in your mule. I want to know why you told the officer you felt fine immediately after the crash and are now claiming compensation."
      The farmer started again. "I had loaded my favourite mule, Maisie..."
      Again the lawyer pounced. "What has your mule to do with the fact that you told the officer at the scene of the accident that you felt fine, yet you are now seeking compensation?"
      The farmer looked towards the judge for help. "You may tell your story," said the judge.
      The farmer started again. "I had loaded my favourite mule, Maisie, on to the back of the truck and I had driven five miles down the road when a police car came straight out of a side turning and ploughed into the side of my truck. I was badly cut and dazed and lying in the road. I could see Maisie was limping a little. The next thing I knew, officer Kelly had gone up to her and shot her between the eyes. Then he came over to me and said: "Your mule didn't look too well, so I had to shoot her. How are you feeling?"

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