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Category: Pet Jokes

  Pet Fish  


      A game warden spotted a man leaving a late carrying two buckets of fish. "Excuse me," he asked. "Do you have a license to catch those fish?"
      The man said: "No, but you don't understand, sir. These are my pet fish."
      "Pet fish?" replied the warden incredulously.
      "Yes, sir. Every night I take these fish down to the lake and let them swim around for a while. Then I whistle and they jump back into their buckets, and I take them home."
      "I've never heard such nonsense," said the warden. "Fish can't do that!"
      The man thought for a second before suggesting: "If you don't believe me, I'll show you."
      "I can't wait to see this!" said the warden mockingly.
      So the man poured the fish into the lake and stood and waited. After several minutes, the game warden turned to him and said: "Well?"
      "Well what?" asked the man.
      "When are you going to call them back?"
      "Call who back?"
      "The fish!" snapped the warden.
      "What fish?"

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